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Our Approach & Key Advantages

The central idea behind the OSR is that sustainability data and knowledge should be shared with all in a transparent manner as they are the basis for alleviating climate change. The OSR is a collaborative, free and transparent data knowledge network which enables various actors to share their sustainability information and data with the public in an easy and efficient manner. In this sense, it highly encourages and enables joint cooperation. Moreover, it allows a variety of actors to use the data to promote sustainability in numerous ways. This approach has the following advantages.

The OSR promotes and relies on joint cooperation and collaboration among diverse actors with the common goal of tackling climate change.

Not only can various actors add their data to the platform, anyone can easily access the OSR for free. By making sustainability data accessible to all, an inclusive approach to climate action is promoted.

Data transparency and accountability are achieved as the sources of all data and information are published.

Collaboration, inclusiveness and transparency can all be achieved by using the innovative Semantic MediaWiki technology, which connects existing data through a knowledge network. Not only does this enable joint cooperation, it even allows different actors to actively participate in its continued development.