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Definition Vehicles renting services through car rental offices are classified under ‘car rental’. This is a sub category of the 'general' category'.
Main OfnK-Category Car Rental


Car Rental emissions are similarly calculated as the emissions for general consumption:

Some transactions are difficult to categorize and are therefore regarded as 'General Consumption'.

For these transactions, we use a base value. This value is determined by the percentage of emissions left after considering the other categories and the consumer spending on these goods.

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gCO2 105
Currency EUR
Confidence Score 3

Source: Statista, "by Type_2022" is not in the list (Article, Book, Booklet, Conference, Inbook, Incollection, Inproceedings, Manual, Misc, Proceedings, ...) of allowed values for the "HasSourceType" property., Central Bureau of Statistics, Milieu Centraal, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development