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Definition Cafés, coffee shops and bakeries are grouped together under ‘bakeries & cafés’, which is a sub category of the category 'groceries',
Main OfnK-Category Bakeries & Cafés


Food is a quite complex topic, therefore there are many factors to consider in the emissions calculation of food shopping, but we can break it down to a base value of emission per Euro spent. Ideally, this value decreases through sustainable production and more sustainable consumer choices.

An element of uncertainty is a lack of information about the shopping basket. However, even with this information, accuracy does not necessarily increase because of a lack of supply chain transparency. We therefore stick to statistically approximating this value. A single transaction is not accurate, but over the course of many transactions the value becomes more and more accurate.

With the lack of basket information, we are unable to include biological or traditional cultivation, which does not mean that it does not make a difference. The decision of traditional or biological cultivation is the most influential factor next to dietary choices.

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gCO2 802
Currency EUR
Confidence Score 6

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